At HotCakes, we constantly vary the food we make, based upon ingredients available, customer requests, the season and our mood.

That said, we have a stable of recipés and menus to which we swear undying loyalty. We have assembled these into organized documents you can either view or download.



You must have either Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view our menus and files.  To download a free copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader, click <here> .
Weekly Gourmet to Go Word | PDF
Monthly Desserts Word | PDF
Cafe Menu Word | PDF
Salads Word | PDF
Casserole, Stew and Entrees Word | PDF
Hors d'oeuvres Word | PDF
Group Buffet Word | PDF
Lunch Orders Word | PDF
Mini Desserts Word | PDF
Breakfast Orders Word | PDF
Tailgate Menus Word | PDF