Pumpkin Muffin dozen  20.79      each  1.89
the classic HotCakes anytime-muffin, with pumpkin, spice, golden raisins & walnuts. soft, delicate, and delicious. our best seller
Muffin of the Day dozen  20.79      each  1.89
each day our bakers choose a variety of fruit muffin to accompany our classic pumpkin. typical flavors include lemon - poppy seed, raspberry chocolate chip, blueberry and strawberry
Dried Cherry Scone dozen  30.69      each  2.79
a classic dry, crumbly scone with Michigan dried cherries inside and a thin sugar glaze on top - perfect to dip in your coffee or tea
Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie dozen  16.39      each  1.49
Oatmeal Golden Raisin Cookie dozen  16.39      each  1.49
Ginger Crinkle Cookie dozen  16.39      each  1.49
Chocolate Crinkle Cookie dozen  16.39      each  1.49
Lemon Square dozen  41.69      each  3.79
tart lemon filling, over rosemary shortbread
Chocolate Toffee Square dozen  47.19      each  4.29
HotCakes' walnut toffee, covered in a thick layer of melted dark chocolate, over a crumb crust - one of our signature desserts
Croissants each  3.29
all butter croissant, baked in-house each morning in limited quantities
Chocolate Croissant each  4.99
filled with rich dark chocolate
Granola 12oz bag  8.99      serving with milk  4.49
we make our granola in small batches with lots of wonderful nuts, golden raisins & coconut - enjoy here, with your choice of milk, or packaged to take home