HotCakes is fresh, inventive, delicious food for you to enjoy any way you like. In our café we serve you a variety of appetizers, specialty entrées and fabulous desserts. All of these can be packaged to take home as well.

If you need food for a special event, our full-service catering department will create a memorable occasion without anxiety or fuss.

For gift giving, HotCakes' gift baskets include the finest wines, chocolates and home accessories from around the world, all beautifully packaged with our desserts, appetizers, and non-perishable dishes.

Please browse our website and then either visit our store or call us. We're here to help.

Art on our walls

It's one of our favorite shows right now---watercolor paintings by the kids that Lee Alter teaches. Fun and creative! Until June 25.

Graduation Celebrations

Our Graduation Menu is posted here. To find it, choose Menus from list to the left, then click on Family, and finally Graduation. This menu has numerous casual food options, making it easy to self-cater your event.

What are we serving?

Want to see what our cooks and bakers are making today? You can open our 2-page Gourmet-to-Go Menu. From the list to the right, select Menus and then look over to the right and select Weekly Gourmet to Go or Monthly Desserts(choose either the Word or PDF format).